Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Christmas Countdown

My dining area looks like a winter wonderland thanks to Daddio's latest obsession with Christmas fabric. As fast as I sew his paper pieces together, the faster he has another bucket ready to be sewn. Since they are already putting the trees up in Walmart, I might as well just get in the spirit and stay there. After all, there is only 70-some days left until the big day.
This is also the Old Man's 83rd birthday. I'd wish him a happy one here but he doesn't own a computer so he's never seen my "blop"-as he calls it. I gave him my old desktop a few years ago and he played with it for a while and then one day I came home from work to find it sitting on my front porch. It's just not his thing.


  1. Tell Daddio the blop-sphere wishes him a happy birthday!

  2. I just had to pop over to say I had such a laugh at the comment you left on WanderingCat's blog about your dad's shoes on the windowsill!

  3. He calls it a BLOP ...that's hysterical

    Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!