Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sugar and Spice

As I mentioned before, the family is soon to be increasing by one little bitty female type member. Being a family of lots of little male type family members, this news was very welcome. Although I love blue and all things baby boy, it doesn't hurt to change it up now and again. Mom-to-be is not a fan of bubble gum pink, so I had to hunt high and low for something that says girl without being girly. Knit Pick describes this as pale lavender, fuschia and violet. It doesn't scream pink but it is a bit on the pink side. It might work . It might not. I'll knit it and see. Honestly, I doubt if any of the baby booties and hats I make ever actually get put on a baby but all the same, it's too hard to resist making them.It's in the DNA.

Since I was ordering from Knit Picks anyway, I threw in a few sizes of the new blonde Sunstruck needles. I love their Harmony needles but the dark wood with dark yarn is a headache. While I do have a dark project that needs a light colored needle, did I order the size for that? Of course not. Next time.

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  1. Baby girls are the exciting! And Knit Pics ain't bad either! I'm waiting on some goodies from there myself at the moment. :-)