Sunday, October 21, 2012

Friday: The Road to Rhinebeck

The Mister and I made it to Rhinebeck this year. We've been trying to get there for several years but something always got in the way. I've been once before but it doesn't count because I had a fever of 102 and was completely delirious with what turned out to be swine flu.

All week long the weather forecasters had been predicting the worst. The view through the windshield as we went up the driveway Friday morning wasn't good.

I also was just getting over a nasty tummy bug so I was not exactly looking forward to the 6 hour drive.

Even more unsettling was the fact that I had no interesting travel knitting to take along. Before we even got to the Delaware Bridge, I had finished the the toe of the sock I had brought along and I had already finished its mate a few days before.

For the next 4 hours I had to amuse myself doing crosswords on the Kindle and eating junk food.

The last time I came up to Rhinebeck, I took the train so I was shocked at how the monster highway all of a sudden turns into a mountain right in front of you.

On the other side of the mountain is Poughkeepsie and that's where we spent Friday night.

The hotel was in a great location. There was plenty of food and shopping around but we were exhausted. We ran into the Shop and Save, grabbed a bunch of junk for dinner and crashed in the room.

I did manage to find the energy to graft the toe of my sock. Thank goodness I had the Kindle to walk me through it.

Soon after, I climbed into my sheep jammies and then spent the night tossing and turning listening to the rain. Of course, I was too excited to sleep. Rain or shine, I knew Saturday was going to be a big day.


  1. lovin the Jammies, can't wait to see the show photos. I get the impression that your fibre shows are all a lot bigger than ours not that we have that many over here but new small ones seem to be spronging up all the time.

  2. Love those pj's! Is there anything worse than being without any knitting for hours in a car? I'm sure you'll have to buy something for the ride back!

  3. Who ever is drinking the Heineken has great taste! My favourite beer (incidentally - Coors Light is Dave's favourite)!
    I always try to pack soem emergency knitting (on top of the projects I plan to work on)when I know I'll be away from the house for a long time - you never know when you'll need it. The socks look fantastic though!

    1. The Mister drinks the Heinie and I am partial to Coors Light. I can't beleive I did such a poor job of planning the travel knitting but I was in between projects didn't realize until The Mister was blowing his horn in the driveway Friday morning. I even brought a spindle-and NO fleece. I survived but I don't want to do that again!