Monday, April 16, 2012

A Very Good Start

The weekend quilting bee at Dad's was a big success in spite of my absence on Saturday. I got over there bright and early on Sunday morning to help. Tea and coffee on the porch watching the sun come up over the bay was first on the agenda along with a good chat.

 Sister was able to follow my directions and was eager to show me the blocks they completed.

They are gorgeous. I can't wait to see the finished quilts.

This being the magical Serendipity quilt means that she will have two quilts when she is done.

The weekend  wasn't without its casualties. A few blocks had some boo boos.

Daddio tried to rescue the unlucky blocks to no avail.

 No matter, we still have lots to do and lots more stuff to do it with. By time she comes down for another visit we will be well on our way to having this done.

We always measure our success by how much we wear Daddio out and by the afternoon he was really worn out. We even wore out Sister's pooch. I am sure he was happy to see us all go home.

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