Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Soup and More

 What's going in Grandma's old soup pot on this beautiful spring morning?

Onion, celery, carrot, fine noodles, one egg and matzo meal

It's time for a family holiday favorite-matzo ball soup!

 After cooking the light vegetable broth for about a half an hour, I added the matzo balls from the meal mix that had been in the refrigerator chilling. I use the recipe on the container of meal. Nothing could be easier. I also added a handful of finely chopped kale from the garden at the last minute because I had no parsley and the little bit of green is always so pretty in the finished soup.

 15 minutes later I threw in a handful of tiny noodles to simmer.

This pot full of soup did not last long at all. It was good.

There were also other things on the table today...

 ...and other things boiling.

 There were things to be dyed and for once, at least for today, it wasn't anything fuzzy!

Happy spring holidays!

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