Friday, April 20, 2012

Destination Unknown

The dregs of the Corrie fleece are finally being hand carded and spun.

I am pretty terrible at hand carding so I went to You Tube for help. The two most important things I learned there were that less fiber is more on the cards and that you need to treat the wool like baby hair. Easy does it is my new carding motto and it does make a difference.

I still can't roll the rolag with the free carder the fancy way I saw everyone do so I have to roll them by hand.

I used to hate hand carding but now that I have calmed down about the whole deal and stopped fighting with the wool I find it kind of relaxing. I feel very Little House on the Prairie with that big pile of wool on my lap.

I am spinning the rolags longdraw and I am trying to be calm about that too and just let the yarn happen. I've got tons of handspun that I slaved over to make into my vision, this time I am letting the wool take me where it wants to go.

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