Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Too Much of a Good Thing

I have a teeny tiny craft room and a ginormous stash. The closet is full of fiber.

I have tubs and baskets of stuff everywhere. I never can find anything. I used to have all this sitting around being pretty, but after the cats came into our lives it had to be boxed up for its own good. There is Malabrigo and Jamieson in these baskets.

I had to take it all out and organize it the other day when I was looking for some laceweight to start that Advent project. Here is my collection from Elann.

Each time I do this I am in awe of the fabulous stuff I own. I have more than 10 Knit Picks kits to knit. Try to say that 3 times fast. I am not even showing you my collection of Palette. It's awesome. All bought before the price nearly doubled this year.

This is only the stash in this room. Under my bed I have a huge container of sock yarn and in the basement I have three giant tubs filled with my cheapo acrylics.

I decided to take photos to document it all in case the house burns down and I have to prove to the insurance company I had about a million dollars worth of fuzzy stuff.

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  1. I'm in pretty much the same boat - I thought my yarn was all confined to one room - but then I discovered the stash that's in my foot stool in the livingroom - and that basket tucked down beside the couch.