Saturday, December 3, 2011

On Fire!!!

Son Number Two is a big jokester. He has been telling me for weeks he bought me a Kindle Fire.
I didn't believe him. Guess what showed up?

Yup. A box from Amazon telling me not to open it because I would ruin my surprise. Right.

I didn't care how pretty it was wrapped, I tore that sucker open. It did have a sweet card attached. The Jokester can be nice when he wants to.

I love this thing. I have all my books on it already plus I have downloaded my first real book-a knitting book, of course- The Knitters Life List. Amazon said I wanted it so who I am to argue at 2 am? I also sampled The Yarn Harlot's newest and will probably be buying that as soon as I figure out how to budget in my new toy.

1 comment:

  1. Lucky you!
    I have a birthday present sitting here that I'm not allowed to open until the 12th -it's killing me (I think it's jewellry!)