Thursday, December 8, 2011

Moving Day

Number 2 Son moved into Washington DC this past weekend. He found a decently priced apartment in a very nice neighborhood.

The building is very vintage.

The corner apartment has lots of big windows and plenty of sunlight.

It also has a very interesting view. We were very curious about the next door neighbor's strange lawn ornament so we had to walk around to see what building this belonged to.

It turned out to be the Swiss Embassy's Cuban Interest building. It is the closest thing Cuba can have to an embassy here in the US. Right next to it is the Polish Embassy. The kid has some pretty cool neighbors.

He also has an orchid pink and black bathroom. I can't wait to see the shower curtain he picks out.

Right around the corner we found this guy who is just begging for a yarn bombing. I let him pose in my hat and scarf but someday I may just be back to give him his own.