Friday, December 23, 2011

Cookie Confessions

I am not hosting anything this year and Dad is away with a friend so I really had no reason to dig out the Christmas apron and make a mess in the kitchen. I should have spent the time tidying up my very messy bedroom but it's not Christmas without cookies, so cookies it was.

I am not gifting cookies this year either so I totally cheated them, using a mix. Usually I slave over my cookie assortment but I wasn't feeling it this year so I took the easy way out.

I warmed up the oven baking two loaves of cinnamon bread-Pillsbury's.

I went on to roll out some gingerbread people using a mix from Betty Crocker.

I used leftover fruitcake mix for decorations.

The sugar cookies came from a pouch. I did add my own vanilla.

I burnt up a few. That's the way I like them best.

I used the same pouch for an improvisation of my favorite poppy seed almond cookie.

I didn't have almonds to grind so I used Amaretto instead. They were different than the originals, but good.

This year's newcomers were the chocolate pepperment cookies. They also came from a mix. They were lots of fun to make. I loved dipping them in the melted peppermint frosting.

For someone not expecting any company this year, I sure have a lot of cookies.