Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Something NOT White

I did finish another spindle full of Princess Kate. I have been collecting every spindle's worth on some bobbins so I can ply one big amount all at once for this year's MD Sheep and Wool shawl which is more than likely to be a Haruni. The only glitch in the deal is that there is more than a good chance that I just might be GOING BACK TO WORK before then. Yes, I said it. WORK. W.O.R.K. A former co-worker is having a baby and needs a sub to fill in a big chunk of school time so I said I would do it starting in January. I have made plenty of MD Sheep and Wool shawls over the years during lunch while being gainfully employed so I shouldn't be worried about it but all the same-I am. My former knitting lunch bunch friends who will more than likely be my future knitting lunch bunch friends better keep me on track.

1 comment:

  1. Pretty colour!
    One day I'd like to make a trip down for that show.