Sunday, November 27, 2011

Too Much of a Good Thing

I attacked the entire house yesterday. Every closet, cabinet and assorted nook or cranny got seriously violated. Of course that meant that all the hidden stash got sorted through and much of it got tossed. This is just one of several giant piles headed for the trash. I have finally managed to convince myself I do NOT need to keep every bit of yarn I have ever spun or all of the leftover fiber I spun it with.

I also have a teeny tiny craft room that is at the moment unusable due to serious clutter issues. On this beautiful Thanksgiving weekend, I should being giving thanks for owning all this wonderful stuff but right now I am just mad at myself for my lack of organization skills. I am also wrestling with the fact that Cyber Monday is right around the corner and this year I do NOT need to add to my stash in any way shape or form. Right?


  1. Trash? Trash?! Noooo. Clearly you should send it to me. Like that colorful stuff. Or wool. Or anything. : )

  2. Trust me, if I was throwing it away it was useless. I have a bad habit of keeping every little smidgen of fiber no matter how awful. In my early days, before I knew better, I bought the most horrible stuff from people off ebay. Lesson learned. Feel before you buy and know your sheep breeds. Just because you can spin it doesn't mean you can wear it later!

  3. I have a tendency to hoard as well, but little bits can be needlefelted or spun as practice or used for stuffing... Not that I need any more craft supplies. : )