Saturday, November 26, 2011


Daughter's new husband was growing a spectacular 'stash to raise awareness for prostate cancer and other male health issues when our lastest family wedding got in the way. She made him shave it off. It was sad.

This week, I discovered that people on Ravelry were doing their part to support the Movember movement, with sticks and strings, of course. These are the two worst looking things ever made by sticks and strings but it's the thought that counts.

Me minus two nights sleep due to a pup with a sick tummy. I really don't need to wear this silly thing, I've been sprouting enough facial hair to grow my own since menopause. Ugh...

I wasn't the only one getting into the spirit.

The 1.1 million Mo Bros out there have raised $174 million bucks for research since 2004 changing the face of men's health. Speaking of changing the face of men, Son really knows how to rock that 'stash, doesn't he?

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