Monday, November 21, 2011

A Room With a View

I was in Baltimore this weekend for the wedding of Number One Son and his Lovely Lady. We stayed in the Renaissance Hotel. The view of Charm City was spectacular.

Early on the morning of the wedding, I got up before everyone else to fix some knitting I had muffed up in the car on the way there. Someone doesn't like me to knit when I am supposed to be giving directions so some issues cropped up from my hasty retreat.

Happily it was quickly back on the needles in one piece where it stayed until we got home. I learned my lesson about lace and cranky car rides through city traffic. It's not worth the risk for just a few more inches.

Right outside our window and to the right of the harbor was the Occupy Baltimore Camp. I know so many people in several different Occupy groups over on Ravelry are donating knitted items to the protestors but I didn't have anything but that lace scarf with me and somehow that just seemed wrong-not to mention the fact that it's not mine to give.

If you want to see more of our wedding weekend go visit me at the soon to disappear Mother of the Bridezilla blog here.

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