Friday, June 17, 2011

One Year

I just missed my first entire school year. I retired one year ago today. So? How was it?
It was......weird.
I missed my job more than I ever thought I would. It breaks my heart to drive past a school or pass a school bus. I thought I was ready to walk out that door for good but I guess I was wrong and there is no turning back. I have to figure out a way to move forward from here but the direction is not so clear anymore.
I also didn't have lots of free time to do all the wonderful creative things that I thought I would. I think there is a time monster that gobbles up spare minutes when you are not looking. Even worse, I learned that I don't seem to have the ability to carve out chunks of "me" time anymore-even when I'm the only one around.
So far, I feel like a total failure at this retirement stuff. I've got to get my act together or else the rest of my life is going to really, really suck.

Edited for EXCELLENT news: The awful principal who made my life a living hell for four years and was the main reason for my early retirement announced today she was not coming back next year! That is the best thing ever for my former co-workers and even better for all the wonderful kids at GES.

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