Sunday, June 19, 2011

KIP Bust

I had high hopes for Saturday. I was free of all major responsibilities and I wanted a day to sit on our local boardwalk and get reacquainted with my knitting. Instead Mother Nature had other ideas. That is what is left of the tree that held my hammock up.

The yard is littered with log sized debris from a freak storm that knocked the daylights out of our little beach town.

Roads were blocked, including our own driveway. Everyone has made good use of their chainsaws today.

I did get to knit in the car while we made a provision run.

My only portable project is the wooly boot socks but on a muggy morning, they were not at all pleasant to work with.

They are not even very photogenic so I had to get creative.

The folks walking by in the parking lot must have thought I was crazy. If they only knew.

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