Sunday, October 10, 2010


For weeks I had promised myself I would wear my newly finished Crazy Zauberball Socks to the hospital. It was the one and only thing I was looking forward too. I admit it, I am a GIANT ninny, a total scaredy cat. I had been dreading this day for so long it was like a long nightmare in painful slow motion.

After being filled with anti-anxiety drugs, I was able to calm down enough to turn the heel on yet another Zauberball sock. I have enough left to hopefully get another pair out of the ball. Soon after The Mister took this photo, I was wheeled into a freezing cold torture chamber and everything went black. The nasty old gallbladder was hopefully dumped into the garbage.
After that, I was in a state of drug induced amnesia for 3 days. Apparently I did a lot of things and said a lot of things that I don't remember but none of it had to do with knitting.


  1. Ha. Ha. I need to find my hospital sock photo and add these two to a frame. I wonder if anyone else in the family has a hospital photo wearing your socks?

  2. I love the zauberball socks and have my own skein waiting in the wings...what are you combining it with? I've had my share of surgeries and freezing cold chambers...not fun. Glad you made it through and had those socks to keep your toes warm! They are beautiful!

  3. Thanks Shannon!
    I am using Midnight Heather Stroll from Knit Picks to add the dark blue stripes and the heels and toes. The two yarns work together well in terms of size and texture.
    They are addicting to work on. I also have a greener ball of Zauberball and will combine it with a forest green heathered Stroll, whose name escapes me, whenever I get these finished. Those Zauberball balls go on forever!

  4. That is good, though, because they are awfully expensive! =) I still haven't decided what to do with my ball yet. I thought Baktus but now after seeing your socks I'm just not sure if that is what I want!