Saturday, October 16, 2010

The 24 Hour Sock

There is nothing worse than a new knitting bag without a new project in it. I have plenty of sock yarn in the stash so it was easy to find something to put in my cute little bag. Laying about waiting for stitches to heal leaves me plenty of time to do nothing so I challenged myself to see if I could finish a plain vanilla sock in just a single day.

I would have finished it by bedtime if I hadn't had a serious puddle issue with the green right around the bend in the instep. After some serious head scratching and a lot of frogging, I turned to the internet to solve the problem. I went up a tiny needle size for a few rows and the green vanished and was instead replaced with a pool of orange that was somewhat easier on the eyes. I should have done my homework because this particular discontinued Knit Picks Essential has a reputation for unattractive pooling. As these are intended as a gift, I am a bit worried about how the second sock will turn out. Of course I am racing against myself again today to see if I can complete the second one in a day. On your mark, get set, now go............

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