Sunday, October 17, 2010

The 24 Hour Sock Times Two

Ta dah.....two socks in less than 48 hours. I knit in the surgeon's office. I knit in Panera where I had my first real cup of coffee in about 6 months. I knit everywhere. It was heaven to have my first taste of coffee again. I love strong black coffee but my former gallbladder did not. Of course I only had a few sips but it was the best coffee I have ever had in my life. I brought the cup home and sipped slowly and knit all day.
As predicted, the second sock brought on a ton of problems trying to avoid pooling and puddling or at least to try to somewhat match the pooling and puddles that were on the first. I was moderately successful but there was a great deal of ripping back in spite of the needle sized up and down trick. From now on when I make quick gift socks, I am sticking to yarn that is not quite so dramatic.

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