Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Verdict is In-Almost

I finally finished up all the singles with my new Turkish Spindle and am ready to ply.

It was nice to have the ball all ready to go.
I did have some technical difficulties as my spindle arms would not stay tightly enough on the shaft to get a good spin this time around. It was very annoying. I had to use a masking tape wrap to hold things together.

In the beginning, I had divided this project in two and spun half on a regular drop spindle and half on the Turkish just to see the difference. The left side is the Turkish spun yarn. It is lighter and looser. It has a more halo.

You can see the difference better in skeins. The bottom one is the Turkish two ply. It's not bad-just different. Now to swatch them.

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  1. The apron looks good. As far as the pattern directions, it's probably not you. Some of the directions are terrible. The sewing boards are full of complaints. You may want to check Free to read, but you have to join to comment. There are levels of membership and one requires payment. For me, the basic works fine. At the site you can enter your pattern number and read what others sewists have to say about the pattern.