Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Knee Deep In Sheep Part 1

I spent the entire day with a big bag of stuff that used to look like this little guy. That's a baby Cormo. I want one.

Spread out over my deck, my precious fleece now looks like a 80's shag rug that saw too many parties.

I have to admit that it weirded me out just a bit to see it all attached to itself in its former sheepy shape. This is the first time I have pulled my entire 9 pounds of Cormo out of its bag to sort it. It's going to be quite a job.


  1. Zak,
    I want you to think of all that sheep poop next time we have dinner on the deck!

    PS: I wash it in the kitchen sink!

  2. Ummmm that looks like sheep guts not poop. YUCK.