Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer Startitis

I am not getting much done these days. That which used to be my coffee table is filled with unfinished business. There are three levels to this table. All full.

As are the wheels. The loom is mercifully empty.

I wound these in anticipation of a lace project that I have yet to start. I did print out the pattern today.

My lace tank top needs dusting.

Ditto for my apron, along with my new sewing machine and ironing board.

This is one of three quilts I am working on at the same time.
I need some motivation to get some of this stuff done. I have fall projects that are waiting.

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  1. That apron you were wearing the other day (you know the ONE) did you make that one too? Or is this one here the first one you made? They are very cute.