Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Knee Deep In Sheep Part 2

Here is another photo of the giant fleece I really need to wash before the weather turns too cold.

I am NO expert on wool washing but through trial and error I have discovered some tricks that work for me. I learned that if you tug on the dirty tufts you can pull out the locks without disturbing the formation. Cormo is an extremely fine wool and if you disturb the lock in any way you get a wad that is impossible to spin.

It reminded me of picking crabs for crab cakes. It took me all afternoon to work my way through this thing.

I ended up with 7 grocery bags stuffed with locks all ready to be washed. I don't know the head from the tail of the thing but I tried to put the locks that came from the same area together. I am not sure why but if it turns out to be important, I've got it covered.

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