Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Yes, that's me in my festival duds looking like a frumpy, lumpy bag lady. Looking at this, I am happy I didn't go with the pink crocs after all.
It was the year of the lace shawl at this year's MD Sheep and Wool Extravaganza. Each year there is a distinct trend and this year the number of gorgeous wraps that were parading through the wet venues was impressive. Draped on young and old, over the shoulders or around the necks singly or in layers, the beauty of the things left me awestruck. I had my raggedy old Flower Basket Shawl tied in a lump around my waist so no one would notice my over spun singles that had defied even the fiercest of blocking. It was knitted to wear to this year's big event and wear it I did because #2 son dared me to, although it was sadly reduced to a giant pink fanny pack. Near the end of the day, while emerging from a Port-o-Potty, a sweet little girl at the giant plastic sink shyly told me she thought it was pretty. Wow. If it hadn't been too damn itchy for her little girl skin I would have taken it off and given it to her.

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