Sunday, May 3, 2009

Part 2: What I Bought

The extraordinary thing about this year's Sheep and Wool Festival is that I came home with only a handful of change. Most years I am too overwhelmed to make any decisions on how to part with my hard earned cash.
Not this year. This year I came home with:

Wool carders

2 "Party in a Bags" of handpainted roving (where I learned NEVER to put down the bag you really want when anyone is watching you) in spring and autumn colorways

2 bags of Merino and Merino/Silk blend roving

An adorable Golding Sweetheart spindle

1 skein of Socks that Rock in the Jabberwocky colorway

8 oz of Finn Comb Top in an a lovely pink/green colorway

Buttons from Jennie the Potter for my CPH and to get up close and personal with Heather Ordover (where I learned I am NEVER allowed to open my mouth when in starstruck mode EVER again)

It doesn't look like much for a whopping $200 but all in all the day was priceless.

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