Monday, May 25, 2009

Out Of Control!

This month's Sheep and Wool Fest, midnight eBay and Etsy surfing and several too-busy-to-clean weekends in a row have created a stash explosion in my little craft room. This has gotten way out of hand. This is just the stuff that can't find a home. I won't mention the stuff that is packed away. I suppose I am off to Walmart for more tubs but that solution just isn't working for me. Out of sight equals out of mind and since the tubs are not where I can easily get to them, it is easier (and more fun) to buy more than to dig it out. This summer I have got to find the time to figure out a way to organize this stuff so I can start using what I have. I read somewhere that wool can spontaneously burst into flame if it is not stored properly. Imagine that.


  1. Wow. Just WOW. How did I not see this while I was there visiting?

  2. That is weird. This post was not supposed to be published until next Friday!
    You didn't see it because I had the door closed to keep the kitties out and I had already boxed it all up with some big Walmart tubs.

  3. Ok, I am now having visions of not only my stash spontaneously combusting, but also my dresser full of sweaters, etc....(shudder) Thank goodness my husband is paranoid, oops, I mean prepared, and has fire extinguishers stashed all over the house! :)
    So, do tell - What exactly is the proper way to store wool?

  4. That combustion thing only happens with raw wool that still has grease in it. It should not be stored in plastic for long periods of time but in paper bags or boxes so it can "breathe". Keeping it away from heat sources is important too. I put mine in a box out in the shed. I don't care if the shed burns down!