Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Arrival

It looks as if my spinning wheel exploded, but this is the contents of the huge box that arrived here from New Zealand. As I have mentioned before, I bought another "warmed up " wheel off ebay and spent the best part of Saturday evening figuring out how to put it together. Ashford has a great deal in common with Ikea when it comes to instruction manuels. At least with Ikea I never have any parts left over but this time I have a washer that can't seem to find a home. I also have only 3 of the little screwy thingamabobbies that hold the watchamacallits together so it was off to the hardware store Sunday morning.

A few days of cussing and head scratching did lead to this much being put together. Of course I could not find the right size metal thingys that fit into the holes, but I made due with some large screws. Everything seems to be in the right place and working fine. She is intended for hauling out on the deck and spinning all that really nasty stuff I have been unable to keep myself from buying off ebay so that annoying squeak in the treadle that took me hours to finally give up on is probably not going to be a very big problem after all.

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