Monday, May 18, 2009

Awe-Summm? Who Me?

Truth be told, I am not much of a blogger. There is a lot about all this public spilling of guts that I just don't get. Case in point, daughter just sent me an award that comes with major strings attached. I have to earn it. I have to list seven reasons I think I am awesome. I am the anti-awesome blogger. I go out of my way to write about the stupid things I do. I would be much more comfortable writing about what a dum-asss I am, so here goes:

Seven Reasons I am a Dum-asss!!!

1. It's 9 am on Monday morning and I am reading knitting blogs.

2. I am seriously considering buying the new Knit Picks baby sweater kit and I have no grandchildren or even a chance of one in the near or far future. (I did buy it and in 2 colors!)

3. I packed 2 of my hand knit shawls for my Iowa trip and no actual shoes. I had to stop at a Walmart and buy some.

4. I ruined an entire Jacob fleece because I didn't know the difference between combing and carding.

5. I was too embarrassed to cancel an $80 online back order even though I had already picked up the items at the MD S&W Festival.

6. I actually stood in line to buy Socks that Rock and then was so flustered by the people behind me waiting that I bought a $20 skein in a color I don't really like.

7. I never swatch. This one alone should count for at least 3 reasons.

Enough of this fun. I drove 15 hours yesterday (crying big, sad ass mommy tears about half of that time) and walked in the door about 3 am. I am going back to bed.

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