Saturday, May 2, 2009

Part 1: What I Did

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival 2009

The sum of today's extraordinary events goes like this:

ATM for $200

Wait in traffic forever on Rt 32

Wade a mile or so through knee high wet grass to the front gate

Ribbon fries for breakfast in the rain

Wait in long line for ladies room

Watch dogs chase sheep

Pet dogs

Get Ravelry button in a crazy crush of knitter frenzy

Wait in long line for Socks that Rock

Look at: llamas, alpacas, dancers and goats

Look at: Jess, Casey, Amy Singer, the Rainey Sisters and Heather Ordover like a starstruck schoolgirl

Go home and dye wool because it's not like I didn't already buy enough today

What a great day!
It's a shame I have to wait 356 days until I can do it all again.


  1. You looked at, but did you come say HI to?
    THAT'S what I wanna know...

  2. Yes, I came to say hi. I drug The Mister all over the fairgrounds to find you!