Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Funny Ha Ha

The biggest laugh we had this weekend in Iowa was when my kids went through my stuff to see what I had packed for my 4 day weekend. They thought it was especially hilarious that I had brought along two knitting projects but they all went completely hysterical on me when they found the spindle. They couldn't imagine why I would need entertainment that was not THEM. It's hard to explain that at 6 am when I am wide awake and they are nothing more that lumps in a bed (or sleeping bag in Zak's case), that they are just not that entertaining. In spite of all the hilarity, I managed to put a lot of miles on all the stuff I brought. It was also the maiden voyages of my new red Nano, my Ravelry tote bag and my little snapping craft box system that will hopefully protect the millions of dollars I have invested in Harmony Needles and tiny Golding spindles. Have wool. Will travel.


  1. That's almost true, except as soon as you woke up at 6 am, you barged into my room to wake me up. You did your knitting while we were all sitting in the living room together.

  2. I woke you up at 8'o clock and what I was doing in the living room was unknitting because I had screwed up the sock. I had to knit it back on Sunday morning.