Sunday, July 28, 2019

Aux Champs-Elysées

 I officially ran out of road today. Yesterday I managed to get some plying done. Today I'm just cruising along with the drop spindles as I watch the riders make their way to Paris. Dirty Nora is a skein now with two batts and two partial bobbins to go.

 Trinidad, my California Red is also a skein with two bobbins and three batts to go. My Ashford bobbins don't hold a lot so I've always got leftover singles to add on to which is a good thing because I still have a ways to go with all these projects.

I've got two more ounces of gradient Targhee to spin on the Ladybug but for now it's going to the back of the queue. After 21 days of spinning, I need a break.


  1. I think Dirty Nora is gorgeous. That color is so soft and pretty. I can see why you need a spinning break. You've been a very busy lady at the wheel!

  2. Great progress! Beautiful yarns! Liana

  3. Gorgeous colors! You must be exhausted.

  4. Dirty Nora turned out beautiful (as did ALL the spinning).

    I love those gradients too.

  5. They are all gorgeous but Dirty Nora is drool worthy!

  6. Nice work! And you still have lovely fibers when the mood strikes this Fall and Winter!
    I like the gradients--that would be hard to stop spinning!

  7. All of the colors are just beautiful! What a lot you have accomplished.

  8. They are all lovely, but I think Dirty Nora is my favourite!

  9. The Tour is a marathon effort whether that be on a bike or spinning wheel. What about Egan Bernal - winning TWO jerseys (best young rider and overall champion) and only 22 years old. Then Caleb Ewan, another young gun winning another stage and it's only his first Tour de France.
    Amazing efforts all round.
    You can be very proud of yours.