Monday, May 12, 2014

Wishful Thinking

 Last weekend at the MDSW, The Mister spotted this blue ribbon winner in the exhibition hall and drug me over for a closer look.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I got close enough to see it was made of hooked rug panels.

 It inspired me to want to dig out my own hot mess of a project but there was a problem that had to be solved before I could get to work on it again.

 I had cut the burlap too small to be able to use a hoop on the edges so I needed to sew on some borders so I could stretch it tight enough to work on. Over in Daddio's sewing room we had plenty of scraps to get the job done.

Problem solved. Now I really need to get this over with so I could start something better.


  1. wow that screen looks beautiful. just stretching the panels in it is daunting.
    Yours is very sweet and I imagine Pup is going to love gnawing on it! Just kidding it really is pretty.

  2. Wow, the screen looked just like stained glass! Her use of hand dyed soils really gave it life! Beautiful! Glad you solved your dilemma! (I am reading up on stained glass while I'm in GA so I have it filling my brain!)

  3. I just love that HE detected it first. I LOVE your work on this project. I know its been tough on you though