Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More Loose Ends

 I recently spent two days in a row weaving in ends on projects that I had forgotten about.

 I found this shawl stashed under the coffee table in the living room. I had never finished it or blocked it.

 It was a lot of work to crochet it. You'd think I would have worked up some enthusiasm for wearing it. Instead I let it gather dust.

It started out as this innocent mohair and I remember plainly being all fired up about buying it and using it for this project. Now I'm going to wait for a sunny day to block it-if I don't forget about it again in the meantime.


  1. That's going to look awesome when it's blocked.

  2. Oh, don't forget this! Very, very pretty! It needs to be blocked for the summer-picture it over a light t-shirt, a swirly skirt and flip flops!

  3. I give you BIGtime credit for all that tiny yarn work. I simply cannot do it. it is like working with spider webs

  4. Such bright, happy colors in that yarn. Can't wait to see your shawl.

  5. You just have to block it. That is so lovely.