Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Back Tracking

This pile of fluff is what is left of about a year's worth of stitching.

It seems that way back there I made one stitch too many that threw off the whole design. I didn't notice it until I went to round the top corner. Nothing lined up anymore and I couldn't figure out how to cheat it.

 It took a really long time to pick all those blankety blank stitches out.

Now I have to worry about running out of thread.

The only up side of this whole mess is that I bought myself some seriously strong (4.0) reading glasses which should make the journey back around the corner a bit easier.


  1. Sorry but sometimes the right steps are hard! The glasses are smart...a very good idea in fact!

  2. Oh dear, frogging cross-stitch is no fun. It will be worth it in the end.

  3. Ugh, I used to cross-stitch a lot. I used to mess up a lot. So I am familiar with the plucking of the blankety blank stitches. I feel for you. I am sure it will turn out great now.

  4. oh those glasses are CUTE!!! I am ordering new prescription glasses… near vision / reading vision is suffering and that means…Dropped stitches!