Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Age of Aquarius

My psychedelic crocheted shawl is finally blocked and ready to wear.

Other than starched doilies back in the 60's, I have never blocked crochet before. I had no idea where to put the pins.

I could have pulled all the chain loops and probably should have but that would have taken years and every pin on the planet.

I counted on gravity to do the job for me and it doesn't look too bad.

It certainly is a crazy looking thing but I do like it. With the right clothes and in the right situation it would be a show stopper. One of my sisters will be wearing this to next year's MDSW-if the stars align and we get actually there.


  1. Dibs - I called it first!

  2. Far out! It really is very beautiful!

  3. It is amazingly beautiful!! just lovely. WOW
    superlatives galore

  4. A nice flowy broomstick skirt and a plain camisole and you're set! I love it!

  5. You have to wear it every chance you get. It will go with everything and is amazing.