Wednesday, May 7, 2014

In Lieu Of

 On Sunday I was totally bummed all day because I couldn't get back to the Wool Fest. It was killing me that while I was daddy-sitting people were living it up in my favorite place on earth without me. Little Sister had brought Daddio a coloring book and crayons to kill the time so I put him to work while I sorted my sorry self out.

I decided to give myself my very own fiber fest. I had this video that I had never watched so I took a private lesson from Maggie Casey. Daddio was enthralled by it. I think he learned more than I did.

Then I set up the carder. Pulling all that pretty Jacob into wispy bits to crank was like a meditation.

 I made little batts and since I would be spinning these right away I pulled them into nests.

 The resulting yarn is going to be interesting in a funky-wonky way and who doesn't need another pair of funky-wonky socks?


  1. Funky wonky yarn indeed :) I like it. I'm glad you got to go to MSWF even if a little more briefly than you'd have chosen. Next year will totally make up for it ;)

  2. Looks like fun fiber to spin. I can't wait to see how your yarn turns out.

  3. It doesn't matter how old you get - there's nothing more fun than a colouring book and fresh box of crayons!

    That yarn is going to be awesome!

  4. I'm proud of your attitude adjustment! I love turning all that pity into creativity...Good for everyone!