Saturday, May 24, 2014

Columbus: Stitching and Knitting

 I packed the wedding sampler because being locked all alone in a room for several days seemed like a good way to get serious about this thing. The only problem was that I forgot to pack my needles.

 After pouting about it for very long time, I remembered I had packed some of Daddio's paper pieces to work on and I did have some itty bitty quilting needles.

 It was a real chore to thread them but it was my punishment for being so darn stupid.

 Somehow I managed to painfully get all of the vine in the border done. My penance was served so I put it away.

With that same needle I got four blocks of Daddio's latest started.

 As for knitting, I lined up the day's work on the window ledge every morning and knit until my fingers were numb.

 This was not without drama also. I forgot to pack stitch markers and the double points I needed to close the top of the hat.

My Knit Kit came to the rescue. I've been carrying this around for years and it really came in handy. I'm adding some embroidery needles in there because you just never know.

 I am happy to say my side by side sock blank socks are off to a good start.

 The Trekking XXL sock is at the heel...

 ...and so is the second of my Elm Street socks.

Sadly that front band didn't grow very much in spite of intensive work. I am afraid that trip around Elizabeth's neck is going to take a very long time.


  1. Your perseverance speaks to me right now! You crossed a big hurdle against all odds with the sampler; it looks lovely! Love the sock progress. The scarf will be lovely someday, too...

  2. Lots of progress made on your projects. Love all the socks. And the wedding sampler is just so pretty. You have me thinking about picking up an old cross-stitch project and adding some stitches. :-)

  3. Lots of progress on your projects. I love all the pretty socks. The wedding sampler is just lovely. You have me thinking about picking up an old cross-stitch project and adding a few stitches. :-)

  4. What I love is that you took such a variety of projects with you. So glad you had the time to do exactly what you wanted.

  5. YOu are a producer! Lots of great sock progress Lady!