Friday, February 28, 2014

Take That, Winter

My yard, earlier this week.
 Goodbye February.

 I am so over you.

 It looks like Mother Nature is over you, too.

I know it's still stupid cold out and that damn polar vortex thingy is sitting on top of us once again but you're doomed winter. Don't let the door hit you on the arse on your way out.


  1. Well your yard looks a heck of a lot better than mine right now. We still have snow piled to the rafters and it is 19 below zero right now with a good 4 more inches heading our way for tomorrow. I'm so envious of your new plants blooming. The frost is 8 feet into the ground here so we prolly won't be seeing any green for a long while yet so keep those green scenes sanity is depending on them. LOL!

  2. It's been a good old fashioned winter alright! I'm ready for warm and sunshine even here!

  3. I love when green shoots start pushing through the ground. Hurry up Spring!

  4. I envy you so! You have sprouts! And buds! all we have is ice, snow and DEATH!!!