Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Pupdate

 Maggie continues to be a handful.

 She gets into everything. You can't take your eyes off her for a minute.

 Her favorite game is to get things she shouldn't have and not give them back. She is really fast. Notice the kitty-in-crime behind her. I think Gracie is the lookout.

 Mealtime has become a real production. With no scientific proof, I am feeding her as much cartilage building foods as possible for her collapsing trachea issue. Egg membrane is full of glycosaminoglycans which support cartilage health. Peeling it off the egg is not easy though.

 She is also getting some eggshells crushed up as well for extra calcium.

 Gizzards are another cartilage building addition. Yuck-but she likes them.

 She really enjoys her little Kong toy filled with doggie Cheez Whiz and other treats. When I need a minute of peace I get out the Kong.

 I always laughed when I saw this in the ice cream section but she loves it.

 But then again-she loves pretty much anything.


  1. Adorable! She knows how much she is loved!

  2. I love the pic of pup and kitty - definitely up to no good!

  3. GOod thing she is so adorable. YOu are being So helpful to me by reminding me how tough puppies are to raise. THey are. IT takes time and consistency and it is all worth it, but…
    you have to be ready for it.
    You are a great momma to cook for her too