Monday, February 3, 2014

Show Me the Money!

I came in second in the family football pool this year. Last year I tied for first with Dear DIL. The year before that I had also come in second place. I know next to nothing about football and have never even watched a game in my life. The secret to my success......I'm not telling but I do have a method of picking teams and it seems to be working point spread and all. This money is getting tucked away for this year's Sheep and Wool Fest, of course.

 Other than that, Super Bowl Sunday was a pretty simple affair. I made the world's biggest pot of vegan chili by mistake. I kept adding stuff trying to get the heat under control and ended up with enough to feed an army. I'll be eating it all week. Blerp.

 I also made some vegan chocolate chip cookies that turned out pretty decent using coconut oil. All the vegan stuff was for Middle Son who came over to watch the game and meet the new pup.

 Speaking of new pup, she wasn't the least bit impressed with the Puppy Bowl. I was. All the rescue stories were very inspiring this year. I am sorry my own rescue experience turned out so badly, but I am happy to have found Miss Maggie. Health issues or not, she and me were meant to be.


  1. Fun win especially if it earmarked for fiber! I'm not a football fan...but my son in Seattle was a happy guy last night!

  2. Congratulations! I avoid sports like the plague... but I'm thinking I should rethink that.

    And how you feel about puppers.... that's exactly how I feel about Tux.

  3. Now I want a cookie AND a puppy….

  4. Extra fiber funds -- way to go! :)