Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Hold on to your hats people. You know that Lillehammer sweater I posted about a few days ago that was finished in ten days? Well, first I was wrong about the size. It was not for a child but for a 29 year old guy! That's a big size difference. Secondly, she finished a second one. Yes, you read that right. She finished the Salt Lake sweater as well. As I figure it, she must not eat or sleep or do much of anything else but knit. If anyone deserves a gold medal at this year's Olympics, she does. You can read all about it on her blog here. I don't want to upset anyone but she has also finished a few other things recently too. It's in French but you won't need a translation. The photos tell the whole story. Good grief, I feel like such a slacker.


  1. and I feel like the wimpiest garter stitch knitter in town

  2. Okay... yeah - she's officially insane.