Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Pupdate

 Little Pup went in for her three month checkup this week. She now weighs a whopping three whole pounds. She got more shots and a nasty diagnosis: she has a collapsing trachea. All dogs with this condition have a trigger and Maggie's seems to be cat dander. 

This isn't our first go round with this terrible condition so we know what we're in for. The Mister's Maltese has been suffering with it for 13 years. I hope Little Maggie gets at least that much time with us-but it's not really up to us, is it? Happily, the two inside cats are enjoying all the extra attention they are getting with the Furminator and have even accepted daily sponge baths. Now I just have to convince the pup that cats are not good to chew on.


  1. I thought she looked about the same size as our Little Louie. Sorry to hear she has a collapsing trachea. That can be scary. We had quite a scare with Levi on Friday. Turns out he has gotten Lyme's disease causing non stop seizures till we could get through six inches of snow and subzero temperatures to the vet. He's on a boat load of meds for a couple of month's but we managed to get it all under control and he's resting comfortably now. The Gardener and I could use a few of those drugs right about now.

    1. Oh no.....I went through that with Dear Old Doggie about five years ago. Scared me to death. No one could figure out what was wrong with her at first. As a last resort they ran a Lyme test and bingo. Maggie just got her first Lyme vaccination so hopefully she (and me) won't have to got through it.
      Hope your little guy is feeling better soon. It does take a long time to cure this one though.

    2. I sure hope there are no more seizures. That was without a doubt the most upsetting thing I've had to deal with in quite a while. It's encouraging to know yours made it through it though. My nerves are pretty well fried from the whole ordeal.

  2. Well, isn't she adorable! I hope she can remain healthy in spite of that!