Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Pupdate

 I haven't been able to teach my hard headed little pup one trick yet but she has learned that when I pick up my keys I am leaving.

 She puts on quite a show as I try to make my escape over the baby gate and out the door.

 "Nom, gates don't taste good but I'll eat this one if it means I can go with you."

Sad pup has to stay home with The Mister until I get back. We have never left her alone before. I don't even have a crate for her yet. How bad is that going to be?


  1. Oh Oh! Some body's getting spoiled......and I should talk....we've yet to leave Louie home alone for any length of time. He throws a full fledged Yorkie fit when I go out to fill the bird feeder! She sure is cute in her little pink sweater. :-)

  2. How can you leave when she's making that face at you?

  3. They do get under our skin! Too cute!

  4. To the day he died, Huck would run upstairs and watch me leave for work, out my bedroom window. broke my heart a thousand times