Saturday, February 15, 2014

Slush Day

While the entire east coast got covered in snow this past week, we got covered in a giant vanilla slushy. You can't shovel stuff like this. It oozes water when you step on it and it weighs a ton. Then it freezes at night and turns the world into a lumpy ice rink. Not good.

Having to stay inside for two days while riding out the giant storm did give me a chance to get the first of my thrummed mittens done. I wish I had both of them done because they worked like magic against that nasty, gritty white stuff.

Speaking of sitting on my backside and doing nothing for 48 hours, the official Olympic skein count is four at the moment although I only had three ready for the camera when the sun was still shining. The purple skein is around here somewhere and the red batt is on the wheel ready to be plied.

The Selbu mittens are this big now and I'm still having fun with them. I am thinking that this pattern would also make some pretty mitts. Hmmm....


  1. That looks like good snowman making snow.....which translates into back breaking heavy slush. We probably have a lot of that to look forward to in the next couple of months too. Nice work on the Selbu mittens. They look awesome!

  2. Oh, delicious knitting! The new mittens are coming along nicely!

  3. OH IM in for the night and i will be Olympic knitting …it only comes around very 4years~

  4. Ugh - I hate that kind of snow. As I look out the back door right now, there's teeny tiny flakes falling, but the eaves are also dripping so it must be fairly mild out there!

    Both mitts are looking great!