Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Some Early Results

 My Olympic spinning got off to a slow start. I sat down to spin and noticed something wasn't right with my finger. Puppy teeth marks and dry winter skin were definitely a handicap. Ouch.

 I did manage to finish up all of the teal singles over two days.

 I wound them into a center pull ball.

 I plied them from the inside and the out.

 It's always a relief to get to the end without a break or a major tangle. That way of plying is risky and I only do it because I am lazy.

One itty bitty mini skein down and lots more to go.

 I also have gotten to the thumb of my thrummed mitten. That thing is a hot mess but I'm having lots of fun with it all the same. Thrums were always a curiosity here where winters rarely get to freezing but this year we have rarely been above it. No longer a curiosity, thrums have become a necessity. We are even expecting more snow tonight.


  1. I don't have need of the full mittens but thrummed wristers keep me warm! Your mittens look amazing! Nice spinning, too!

  2. Love the mittens and that beautiful teal yarn. I always had much better luck plying a center-pull ball on the spindles. Haven't tried on the wheel yet.

  3. That colour will definitely brighten up winter!

  4. I LOVE the thrummed m itts colors. You are a spinning wonder ….Im impressed

  5. Buy some Curel Ultra Healing lotion. It's amazing. My feet have never been softer - and they are NEVER soft in the winter! It's great on spinning hand that have the winter to deal with, along with everything else (like puppy nibbles). LOVE the thrum mittens. I wish I were a better knitter.