Thursday, February 20, 2014


In the middle of all the Olympic knitting I found myself worrying about the Tour de Fleece. Last year's TdF project has been in limbo for a long while. I washed, dyed and spun a Merino fleece in the heat of the summer and then dropped the ball on the actual project.

 I got this far on my Featherweight Cardi and then put it in time out because I hated the fit.

 The length was awkward on my bottom fluffy bits. I needed to rip out the ribbing and add length but I didn't have the heart to do it after all that work.

It's much easier to destroy your work after it's sat for a while so I had no trouble at all pulling out the ribbing six months later and starting again. Now I hope I've spun enough yarn to add the length I need or there will be a post in the future full of very bad language.


  1. I hope you get it sorted okay. Well done for taking the plunge - you're right, it is so much easier after a time out isn't it.

  2. I agree! A time-out gives you the strength needed to rip back! It will go better this time...I love the variation of color in the will be worth it!

  3. I love that colour.. I think I need a sweater that colour!

  4. I admire how you can put it away, remember to start again, Rip out and remake to your liking. Seriously You are much more thorough than I. I would have let it sit there unfinished forever…
    were you good a pick up sticks too?

  5. Lovely yarn color for your cardigan. I'm not very good at undoing and fixing. I tend to frog instead.