Saturday, February 8, 2014

Let the Games Begin!

 I managed to get that gray I needed spun, plied and dried by yesterday morning.

 I had the yarn but I didn't have a plan.

I knew I wanted colorwork and thrums but now I had to put it all together.

 I knew where to look for inspiration.

I decided that little peeries and stripes might work.

 I had this much done while waiting for the opening ceremony to start.

 Here is a peek at the inside. That's Corridale and it's scrummy.

The Clun Forest is also lovely to work with. See, even Putin approves.


  1. Oh, just delicious! Their going to be wonderful to wear!

  2. Putin could use a little of that brightness!

  3. haha I LOVE your sense of adventure. Great looking start. Haha on Putin…he's so serious all the time