Wednesday, February 19, 2014


While my Olympic knitting project is done, my spinning project is still underway. The problem (and isn't there always a problem?) is that I noticed that every time I finish spinning I've been having major coughing and sniffling issues. I've taken an idea from Kathy B and tried a mask today and it worked like a charm.

I didn't realize how much loose fiber flies around until I started cleaning it up after every spin so the pup wouldn't get it. This is the sticky roller on the fourth go round. I threw away the first few sticky sheets before I thought to photograph them but you can take my word for it-they were covered in fuzzy stuff. Half of which came off my clothes and Crocs. I can only imagine how much of it would have gone up my nose.

The good news is that I am already finished the orange so that only leaves the yellow batt to spin.

Tomorrow the orange Jacob will get plied and added to this pile that still needs soaking and thwacking. I'm hoping for some better weather for it. Yesterday it was snow. Today it is rain. Who knows that tomorrow will bring. It's been one crazy winter.


  1. So glad the mask is making you more comfortable. I used to notice fuzz when I was spindle spinning. Now I'm wondering about what the wheel is stirring up.

  2. I need one of those masks for work. My coworkers keep yelling at me for coming in today!

  3. Im overjoyed the mask plan worked for you too! Hee hee.