Friday, February 14, 2014

In Love

 I did it. I finished my Peppermint Stick socks by Valentine's Day. Just barely.

The hold up was the toes. I needed them to match and it's not simple to do this when you are doing two at a time. Try as you might there is a difference in where the yarn is so just knitting on won't work when you get to the end. I had to figure out how to fix this and it took some time for my old brain to figure it out.

 All I ended up doing was to start the toe decrease at the same place in the color which is what you do when you knit socks one at a time but having two socks in a different part of the pattern gave me headache. I could have just knit them separate but I was determined to keep them together to the end.

Now my red crocs look even more festive.
Happy Valentine's Day!

The yarn is by Wandering Cat and they are having a 30% sale going on for the month of February and 50% off for today only!
The pattern is Hermoine's Everyday Socks and it's free!


  1. Nothing like a good challenge successfully accomplished! Great job!

  2. Love your socks! A perfect finish for Valentine's Day. :-)

  3. Fantastic socks! I can only pretend to understand you getting those stripes to match two at a time.