Monday, June 25, 2012

Yet Another Weaving Fail

I wove this little scrap of a thing for the sole purpose of cutting it up. I steek knitting all the time but I am terrified of taking scissors to my weaving. I just know it will all fall apart.

Even scarier than cutting it is machine sewing it. I just knew that it would get caught up in the machine and be a mess. It didn't. Sewing along the ends so I could cut off the fringe was much easier than I ever imagined.

 A couple of snips later and the fringe is history.

After running a basting thread down the center, I stitched both sides and then snipped the whole thing down the middle-just like a steek. So far so good. I was feeling pretty confident.

 Now that the two halves were separate, it was time to sew them back together so that I would get a square instead of a long rectangle. If I could master this I could make blankets on my 20 inch rigid heddle loom.

Uhmmm....what page was that on?

 The "nearly invisible" joining stitch is sort of like the mattress stitch.

 It all seemed to be going very well. I was already congratulating myself...

 ..until I stepped back and had a good look at the lumpy bumpy mess of a seam. Who wants that running down the middle of a blanket? Nearly invisible stitch-my foot. If Frankenstein were a blanket, this would be it.

Snip, snip. Back to square one.

At least the hems came out fairly decent.

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  1. Other than the "Frankie" seam - it all looks fantastic!